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Meet our market experts

Ben Sparham

Our Forex & Stocks Market Expert

Ben started his trading journey working at a small fund in London before operating at various other trading companies alongside former investment bank traders. Having now spent over 8 years in the markets, he understands the impact these mentors had on his journey and this is why he now helps new traders coming into the financial markets.

Henry Ward

Our Stocks, Indices & Commodities Market Expert

Henry is a trader with a simple approach to the markets. The most important rule of any trader is risk management and with over 10 years in the market, he has found tried and tested strategies that pull the reward in his favour. There are 2 main strategies Henry teaches his students. The first, based on day trading, looking at short term movements. Secondly, a long-term investment that looks at trends, value and dividends.

👥 The Members Chatroom

Included in your membership

Join our community of traders where we share trading analysis, tips and answer all your daily questions.

Keep up to date with our Market Experts and their trading portfolios.

The Trader Stream

You’ll learn exactly how to:

⬇️ Included in your membership ⬇️

💵 Invest & Grow Wealth

🌴 Create Your Dream Lifestyle

😰 Dissolve Success Destroying Fears

⏰ Manage Your Time & Life

🏗️ Build a Professional Portfolio

💰 Learn = Earn

📝 Create a Trading Plan

📈 Understand Market Trends

💹 Market Psychology

⬇️ Top Down Analysis

📝 Learn Risk Management

🖥️ Trade Management

✏️ Learn Strategies

💰 Capital Allocation

🚗 Market Drivers

📊 Market Fundamentals

🏗️ Build a bullet proof mindset

🔢 Psychology of Round Numbers

📈 Charting Patterns

💹 Market Watchlists

& much more…

💻 4 Weekly Webinars

Included in your membership

Join our Market Experts for weekly webinars.

During the webinars you will learn about what’s HOT & what’s NOT. Ben & Henry will be breaking down the markets and how they are managing their portfolios.

Our Students Results


What if I can't make a Webinar?
All webinars are recorded and made available for playback in the member’s area.
How much £ can I make?
There are no guarantees with trading and anyone that promises a certain monetary outcome, should be avoided. Trading is about building a balanced portfolio and then managing it professionally to ensure low risk with high probability returns. Any trader that can average 20-30% a year would be classed as high performing in the industry.
Do you send signals?
Under FCA rules, no one can send direct trading signals. Our market experts will give full transparency on their live positions and portfolios in the private chatroom and on our weekly webinars.

However, you are responsible for all trading decisions you make. Please only take positions if they meet your entry rules.

Can you check my analysis for me?
We encourage all members to share analysis in the chatroom for the rest of the community. We have many experienced traders who will give their thoughts on your particular charts.

If you also want a little more reassurance, Ben & Henry are highly active in the chatroom and will give their thoughts on your analysis, where they can. Helping you become a more confident trader.

Can I contact the Market Experts with questions?
Yes, the chatroom is the perfect place for this! We encourage all members to share questions in the community to learn as a group and of course Ben and Henry will be happy to answer anything from basic to advanced questions.

Our chatroom is full of a community of experienced traders.

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